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Tips for Indian Wedding Shopping!

indian wedding shopping tips

Tips for Indian Wedding Shopping! With the commencement of wedding season we are sure many soon-to-be brides must be feeling jittery, planning everything for their Big Day! The list is never-ending but to make things a bit easier we have some essential tips that will guide you while you step out for your wedding shopping. Keep these simple tips in mind and we are sure you will be the most beautiful bride. 1. Be Proactive and Start Early Wedding is


The Essence Of Indian Marriages

The Essence Of Indian Marriages Marriages are considered to be one of the core traditions of Indian culture. Every time there’s a discussion on marriage, many people use traditions and culture as an argument to support the traditional mode of marriages, or even the arrange marriages. In this article, I will explain how the traditional marriages today are not that traditional and how modernization is the right way to connect to our roots. The term modernization has been used so