Valuable stones are outlined as visually interesting gem stones created from rocks or minerals. Usually used for jewellery and vogue accents All treasured stones are translucent and are valued by the richness of their coloration, apart from the diamond, which has the next worth based mostly on being colorless.

A number of the treasured Gem stones discovered are.

1) Manikya (Ruby)

This jewel additionally belongs to the Navratna class. This extremely costly and clear stone is out there in purple and pink colours. It’s the predominant stone of the solar. Although discovered in lots of nations like Thailand, Sri Lanka, and China however one of the best sort of rubies come from Myanmar. In Sanskrit ruby is named Padmaraag and Kuruvind whereas in Urdu it’s Surkh Yakoot.

2) Moti (Pearl)

Pearls even have an natural origin counted amongst stones due to their miraculous properties. These days culturing pearls is a well-liked enterprise. Pearl is worn to please the moon and proper psychological disturbances and belly illnesses. Most pearls are in white in coloration by means of shades of yellow, blue, black, and pink are additionally frequent. Glorious pearls come from Basra, a standard heart of pearl commerce in Iraq. In Sanskrit, the pearl is named Muktak, Muktaa, Mauktik whereas in Arabian and Urdu it is named Gauhar.

3) Mungaa (Coral)

Coral is in truth fossilized rocks fashioned from the sedimentation of useless tiny organisms named coral. It’s largely purple in coloration although white and pink corals are additionally frequent. The most effective sort of coral comes from Italy. In Sanskrit. Coral is named ‘Pravaal’, ‘Vidram’, ‘Angaarak Mani’. In Urdu, it is named ‘Mirjaan’ or ‘Marjaan’.

4) Panna (Emerald)

This inexperienced coloured stone is used to please mercury. It’s a vibrant, clear stone with good inexperienced coloration and could be very costly. The most effective grade of emerald comes from South American nations, Columbia and Brazil.


5) Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire)

This uncommon, lovely, and costly jewel is likely one of the Navratna. The most effective sort of topaz has an excellent yellow coloration just like the flowers of mustard or amaltas (Cassia fistula) and is clear. This stone is worn to please Jupiter. In Sanskrit, topaz is named Pushparaj, Pushparag, Peet Mani; in Gujarati, it is named Peeluraj. In Arabic and Persian, it’s Jard Yakoot and Asper.

6) Neelam (Blue Sapphire)

This extremely well-known stone consists of aluminum oxide. It’s considered probably the most revered in addition to probably the most harmful stone. Its optimistic, in addition to damaging results, are manifested from inside hours to days. Although discovered in lots of nations just like the USA, Java, Thailand, Australia, Sri Lanka, and so forth. however the sapphire present in Kashmir province of India is probably the most lovely and costly. Sapphire is usually in contrast with infamous anti-biotic penicillin due to its accelerated results. In Sanskrit it is named Neel Mani, Indraneel Mani, in Urdu it is named Yakoob, Kabood. Blue Sapphire is likely one of the Navratna.


7) Heera (Diamond)

Hardly anyone can be unaware of this well-known jewel. This good, enticing, and clear stone has white, blue, and reddish hues. It has miraculous. Latent powers that are each constructive in addition to harmful. It’s the hardest substance identified to man. It’s a treasured stone very pricey to Venus.

8) Gomed (Hassonite)

Cinnamon Stone or Hessonite has a attribute purple coloration, inclining to orange or yellow, very like that of zircon. Hessonite comes mainly from Sri Lanka and India the place it’s discovered usually in placer deposits, although its prevalence in its native matrix shouldn’t be unknown. It is usually present in Brazil and California.


9) Lahsumiya (Cat’s eye)

This stone is out there in white, brown, black, and inexperienced colours and seems just like the eyes of a cat. This additionally belongs to the Navratna class and is worn to please the shadow planet Ketu. It has distinct streaks referred to as cosmic threads that seem to maneuver when the stone is seen from completely different angles in floodlight. In Sanskrit, it is named Vadurya Mani and Vidalaaksh whereas in Gujarati it’s Lassuniyo and in Bangla, it is named Sutra Mani.

10) Phiroza (Turquoise)

Turquoise is among the many oldest identified gem stones and its reputation has spanned the globe for hundreds of years. It graced the necks of Egyptian Pharaohs and adorned the ceremonial gown of early Native Individuals. This lovely robin’s egg blue gemstone has been attributed with therapeutic powers, selling the wearer’s standing and wealth, defending from evil, and bringing good luck.

11) Chandrakant (Moonstone)

Historical Romans believed that this shimmering rock was fashioned from frozen moonlight, giving it the identify Moonstone. In colours starting from colorless to grey, brown, yellow, inexperienced, or pink and readability that goes from clear to translucent. The most effective Moonstone has a blue sheen, excellent readability, and colorless physique coloration. Present in India and Madagascar, rainbow Moonstone has quite a lot of colours, from pink to yellow, to peach, purple, and blue.

12) Peridot

Peridot is likely one of the few gem stones that happen in just one coloration: an olive-green. The depth and tint of the inexperienced, nevertheless, depends upon the share of iron that’s contained within the crystal construction, so the colour of particular person peridot gems can fluctuate from yellow to olive, to brownish-green. Peridots will be additionally present in meteorites.

13) Upalak Mani (Opal)

In historical instances, the Opal was referred to as the Queen of Gems as a result of it encompassed the colours of all different gems. Every Opal is really one-of-a-kind; as distinctive as our fingerprints. Some want the calming flashes of blues and greens; others love the brilliant reds and yellows. With its rainbow of colours, as you flip and transfer the Opal the colour performs and shifts, supplying you with a gem that may be worn with a plethora of ensembles.