Nationwide Investigation Company (NIA) of India summons union leaders, journalists and others supporting the farmers protest in Delhi.

We’re deeply concerned to be taught of the summons being issued by the NIA to folks involved inside the farmers protest, ranging from bus drivers to union leaders all have been summoned to look sooner than the NIA, being investigated as being ‘anti-national’ and supporting terrorism. Our Khalsa Help India crew on the underside have moreover been summoned and are being questioned/investigated.

There are actual and bonafide points for the nicely being and psychological wellbeing of our Khalsa Help crew, along with interrogations which cannot modify to worldwide necessities.

An enormous-scale indiscriminate NIA investigation of this nature in opposition to voluntary firms, groups and individuals who current humanitarian assistance is unprecedented in Indian historic previous.

We urge all worldwide our our bodies and monitoring firms to hold India to account on what appears on the face of it a politically motivated step.

As an organisation we actively work to ensure transparency in our operations and work inside ideas and governance protocols of each nation we work inside. We’re unable to produce any further particulars proper now until the matter is closed by the NIA.

Our crew will cooperate and reply any queries raised by the NIA crew; we’re going to endeavor to take care of our supporters updated on this matter.