Much like the Roka ceremony in Hindu Wedding ceremony, this occasion is alleged to be step one of the marriage. It’s throughout this celebration, the 2 households meet on the bride’s residence. Presents are exchanged between the 2 households and sweets are distributed.


It is a important Sikh pre wedding ceremony ceremony as throughout this occasion, the date for the marriage is fastened by the members of the family from the 2 sides. The phrase Taka means to ‘set the date,’ this ceremony takes place in the home of the bride.


It’s an official engagement ceremony which takes place both at groom’s home or within the Gurudwara. The rings are exchanged and likewise the household of the bride gives kara (Sikh bangle) to the groom. The ceremony begins with a brief prayer by granthi (Sikh Priest), adopted by putting a purple scarf across the groom’s shoulder. Dried dates are then fed to the groom by the grandfather after which meals and drinks are loved by all.

Chunni Ceremony

This auspicious ceremony is carried out by mom of the groom who covers the pinnacle of the bride with a purple scarf or chunni which signifies that any more the bride-to-be is liable for upholding the honour and satisfaction of the groom’s household. The bride can be wears the garments and jewelery introduced by her in-laws and the groom marks her head with sindoor or vermilion as an indication of dedication. Sweets as shagun are additionally provided by groom’s dad and mom to the household of the bride as blessings and acceptance of engagement. Presents are additionally exchanged between the 2 household adopted by a grand celebration with a whole lot of music and dance.

Maiya (cleaning and purifying)

A five-day occasion, Maiya takes place in households of each bride and the groom. Throughout this occasion, oil is poured into the hair of the bride and groom with olive branches, and their our bodies are massaged with turmeric powder. Ladies performing Maiya have purple string or a thread tied round their wrist; and a purple scarf is held above the bride or groom’s head, which ladies from the household take turns to carry whereas the normal songs are sung.


The ceremony marks the tying of a purple thread on the left wrist of the bride and the best wrist of the groom. Together with this, a number of auspicious gadgets like cowrie shells, iron key chain, pearls and a small pouch of sugar are additionally tied to the wrist for success.


Vatna ceremony takes place a day previous to the marriage day. On this ceremony a paste consisting of barley flour, turmeric and mustard oil is utilized to the our bodies of the groom and the bride for cleaning and beautifying them that’s then adopted by a ritual bathtub.


This ceremony is expounded to the ritual bathtub which the groom has to take after Vatna. On this auspicious ceremony, the groom’s sister-in-law accompanied by different feminine kin go to a close-by Gurudwara or effectively to fill an earthen pot (gharoli) with water that’s used for bathing the groom after the vatna ceremony.

Karahi Charna

It’s also a five-day ceremony which takes place in the home of groom and the bride. Savory and candy gadgets are made in karahi and are provided to company as a gesture of blessing to bride and groom.

NanKi Shak

NanKi Shak is a ceremony the place the items are exchanged on the homes of bride and the groom. Generally a priest additionally performs small pooja previous to the trade of presents. A proper get collectively can be deliberate for this ceremony.


A enjoyable crammed ceremony, Mehendi takes place about one or two days earlier than the marriage. Bride and groom, each get the design made on their hand and ft with henna blended with eucalyptus oil, clove oil and lemon juice water. That is additionally seen as a possibility to play dholak and performing people dance and songs by the women. Ladies members of the family additionally apply mehendi on their fingers as it’s thought-about a shagun.

Choora Ceremony (bangle ceremony)

On this distinctive ceremony, the uncle of the bride items her choora which is a set of 21 bangles of purple and cream color. This choora is then bathed in yogurt milk and rosewater. The bride is then requested to shut her eyes and her uncle slips the choora on her fingers whereas the normal people songs are loved by all of the company. After placing the choora, bride’s uncle covers it with scarf (subar) which symbolizes the departing of the bride from her household and residential.